some of our stylist stations

some of our stylist stations

Our Stylists

Jo, Owner

Tuesday 11-4
Thursday 2-8
Friday 10-7
Saturday 11-4

 Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

DevaCurl Certified Curl Specialist/DevaCurl Inspired Pintura Professional/DevaCurl Curl Care Specialist

Jo's journey began in the theater department of Southwest Texas State University. After receiving her BFA, she headed for New York City to pursue a career in theater. In the late 90s, Jo switched gears and began chasing her other passion…hair! She studied cutting and color technique at Devachan Salon, Redken, Wella, Rusk, and (most recently) L'ANZA, and she's been a "Devachan Salon Certified Curl Care Consultant" since 2005. Jo has been commended on Naturally Curly, Yahoo and Google for her ability to achieve outstanding results for her clients. Her large & loyal client base extends beyond the New Haven area and reaches as far away as Boston and D.C.!

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Tuesday 3-8
Wednesday 3-8
Thursday 1-8
Friday 10-7
Saturday 10-3

DevaCurl Inspired Stylist/DevaCurl Inspired Pintura Professional/The Art of Texture: Transforming Super Curly Hair

Jane began her education in New Zealand when she studied at the Wellington Polytechnic School of Hairdressing. She continued her focus at LIBS in New York City and then finished up at Brio Academy here in CT where she honed her skills working on mixed race and African American cutting and styling. Jane enjoys working with all her types and textures for a cut & style or color.



Sunday 10-3
Wednesday 1-8
Thursday 11-8
Friday 10-3:30

DevaCurl Inspired Stylist/DevaCurl Inspired Pintura Professional/DevaCurl Advanced Stylist/DevaCurl Certified Curl Specialist

Leah is a graduate of the Academy DiCappelli School of Cosmetology . After entering the industry at a young age, she learned that hard work would pay off to multiply her skills. Leah loves having the opportunity to work on all different hair textures, from pin straight to super curly.DevaCurl Advanced Stylist


Saturday 10-3
Sunday 10-3
Wednesday 2-8
Thursday 1-8

DevaCurl Inspired Cutting Stylist/DevaCurl Inspired Pintura Professional/DevaCurl Certified Curl Specialist

Lucy trained at the Paul Mitchell School. As the super curliest of our curly girls at Jo Bruno Hair, Lucy loves anything and everything to do with natural hair. Her thirst for information drives her knowledge of how to help her clients have a  perfect hair day, everyday! Lucy enjoys working with all hair textures for cuts, styling and color with a special place in her heart for curly guys and girls. 


 Sunday 10-3
Tuesday 3-8
Wednesday 11-8
Friday 11-5
Saturday  10-3

DevaCurl Inspired Cutting Stylist

Rebecka joined Jo Bruno Hair and Body in 2015 as a graduate of Academy DiCappelli School of Cosmetology. Her dedication to her craft and thirst for knowledge helped her to grow her skill set to become a well rounded stylist with a passion for all hair types, textures and styles. 


Tuesday 11-2
Wednesday 1-8
Thursday  3-8
Friday 10-8

DevaCurl Inspired Cutting Stylist/ Bridal Hair Specialist